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Sausage and mushroom risotto

imageI currently follow slimming world. I have followed this plan since 2010 when I started trying to lose weight after having Cayden. I won’t call it a diet because it really is a healthy lifestyle that fits in with my family, although some of them are fussy eaters but that is another blog! Last night however, I was successful in making a slimming world friendly meal that my whole family ate.

I love risottos, I love cooking them! It is so therapeutic spending half an hour quietly stirring it and producing such a comforting meal at the end. With the advent of Autumn and the mornings feeling cooler and crisper, there is nothing better than food that is like a hug in a bowl.

Sausage and Mushroom Risotto

6 slimming world sausages, sliced (available in Iceland)


300g mushrooms

300g risotto rice (I used arborio)

1 large onion diced

4 small or 2 large cloves of garlic, crushed

1tsp basil

1tsp oregano

1tsp thyme

1litre chicken stock


Fry the onion, garlic, mushrooms and sausages in frylight until the onion is softened and the sausages have browned.

add the herbs and rice and stir well until all the ingredients are mixed. Add the stock slowly a bit at a time, continuously stirring until absorbed until all the stock is used and the rice is cooked.

Season to taste and serve with a large salad.









Wife and Mum of 4 beautiful children, 2 girls, 2 boys and a teenage stepson. Aiming to be healthy and happy so I can enjoy family life. This blog is about my slimming Journey.

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