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Balsamic pork and red onions

img_6979So today was weigh day! I gained 1/2lb which is upsetting but I’ve only myself to blame.  I can follow the slimming world plan 100% all day long and come the evening, I sabotage myself.  My downfall is chocolate.  Hand on heart, my meals are so healthy.  I love all vegetables and pile my plate high with ‘speed’ foods. I snack on free and speed foods and measure all my healthy extras and as soon as the kids go to bed and my husband and I sit down to watch our latest boxset, the craving for something sweet sets in.  I try to pre-empt it with chopped up fruit and fat free yoghurts but its chocolate I want!!!!  As soon as I cave I feel guilty and disappointed with myself and eat more because ” I’ve ruined it now so I might as well eat what I want”.  I’m also an ‘all or nothing’ kind of girl so if I’m not 100% on plan then I’m 100% off plan.  I need to learn new habits for the evenings, because the craving for chocolate is a learned behaviour and is just a habit.  Today, I have been 100% off plan.  Because it is Burn’s night and Haggis is high in syns, I adopted my “I’m going to be over my syns today, so I might as well take advantage of it” attitude and I’ve eaten what I want, which means I now feel miserable and disappointed in myself.  Portion control is an issue as well, I have tried saving my syns for chocolate in the evening, but as soon as I eat some I want more and over eat.  I really have to not eat it at all to stick to plan.  Does anyone else struggle with this?  How do you manage it? My plan this week is to hit the supermarket tomorrow and buy sugar free jelly.  Years ago (when I was a teenager) my aunt used to make up sugar free jelly when she was dieting to help with sweet cravings, so I’m going to try that.  I’m going to add loads of fruit to said jelly and top it with banana and custard flavour mullerlight and it will be like eating trifle, right???  Anyway, one of the on plan meals I made this week was Balsamic pork and red onions.  It was delicious and filling and I will definitely make it again.

Balsamic Pork and Red Onions

Lean pork fillet (all fat removed)

2 red onions sliced

100ml chicken stock


3-4 tbsp. balsamic vinegar

salt and pepper

4 large potatoes, peeled and chopped

savoy cabbage, shredded

1 egg

First put potatoes on to boil in seasoned water and do the same for the cabbage.

Make sure all the fat is trimmed from the pork fillet season, cut in half and place in a hot frying pan, sprayed with frylight.

Brown the meat all over then add the red onions to the plan.  Cook for a few minutes until the onions are starting to soften.

Add the chicken stock and balsamic vinegar to the pan and leave to reduce until the liquid is all syrupy.

Once the potatoes are softened, drain and add seasoning to taste and the egg and mash until smooth.

Drain the cabbage, divide the cabbage and potatoes between 2 plates.  Check the pork is cooked through and serve topped with the syrupy red onions.





Wife and Mum of 4 beautiful children, 2 girls, 2 boys and a teenage stepson. Aiming to be healthy and happy so I can enjoy family life. This blog is about my slimming Journey.

3 thoughts on “Balsamic pork and red onions

  1. Hello! I am very similar to you. I fell off the wagon spectacularly yesterday lunch time so naturally I ate rubbish for the rest of the day. Anyway, a pudding that gives me that sweet kick is sugar free jelly with fruit, but instead of the custard I use Total 0% mixed with strawberries, and then crumble one Waitrose mini meringue (1 syn) and crumble a square of Lindt chocolate over too (2.5 syns). If I really need that kick then I will add some light aerosol cream (varies in syns between makes). I hope that helps. Good luck!!


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