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2017-02-01-20-07-26Wednesday the 1st February was weigh day.  I lost the 1/2lb I put on the previous week,  Disappointing, but a loss is a loss!  In group, there wasn’t much discussion as it was taster week, but our consultant asked if anyone needed help and a few members mentioned feeling de-motivated.  I do take the view that a new month is a new chapter and as it was the 1st day of February I spoke about how I had set monthly goals.  I know some people like to break down their weight loss into smaller chunks so that it doesn’t feel like such a huge task, and whilst I have an ultimate weight loss target I have started setting monthly goals to help me along the way.

First on the list, lose 10lbs this month.  Over on Instagram, the slimming community have been posting 2017 calendars with how much weight they lost in January printed on the corresponding month.  I love this idea and some people have had some truly magnificent losses in the first month of this year.  I jumped on the band wagon and totalled up my January weight loss and worked out that in the past 4 weeks I have lost 2.5lbs.  This has really given me an incentive to get back on track.  February will have at least 10lbs printed on it.

To help with that weight loss goal, I am aiming to drink at least 2litres of water a day.  I don’t drink enough water despite knowing that being well hydrated boosts weight loss, improves cognitive function, improves digestion, gives you fresh glowing skin and is a naturel appetite suppressant. In line with that I am also trying to stop consuming fizzy drinks which I know causes bloating and isn’t as hydrating, as well as being packed full of additives and sweetener.  I have a serious fizzy drink addiction and I want to give it up.

In January, I also joined a power hoop class which I love.  Its an exercise class using weighted hula hoops.  The first week I went I thought “what am I doing here. I can’t hula hoop!” but I loved the yoga sections and core sections so I you tubed ‘how to hula hoop?’ and now I can do it! I’m so proud at the end of a class, I can keep the hula hoop going, I can’t do the accompanying routine whilst hula hooping but I can hula hoop and so I am going to continue going.  I am aiming to get my bronze body magic award at the end of February so I have started increasing my activity and logging it.

I also want to meal plan and prep as well as get my slow cooker out of the cupboard and put it to good use.  I am going back to work next week after a year off  and so organisation is going to be the key to getting a good work/ life balance and sticking to plan.  If dinner is planned and in the cooker ready for us all getting home, there will be no excuse to not have a healthy meal.  This has the added benefit of saving money too. I know from experience if I meal plan and only buy what we need we spend less.  Too often we decide last minute what we are going to eat and then have quick trip to asda for extra ingredients.  Plus, my boys are always starving after school and a meal ready sets them up for getting on with homework and being ready for football training without a melt down.

Has anyone else set any monthly goals for February? What about tips to keep you motivated?  I hope this blog is helpful to those looking for some inspiration.



Wife and Mum of 4 beautiful children, 2 girls, 2 boys and a teenage stepson. Aiming to be healthy and happy so I can enjoy family life. This blog is about my slimming Journey.

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