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Ultimate Goal!

The last time I blogged, it was about my February goals.  So, I wanted to come and give an update as to how I got on!  I didn’t get a loss every week like I hoped.  I only gained once though and it was 1lb.  I could blame star week, but the reality is that my eldest daughter had a dancing competition and I used it as an excuse to consume my weight in Reese’s peanut butter cups rather than eat proper, healthy and nutritious food. (I do love peanut butter cups though, they are my favourite).

I didn’t lose 10lbs either, I lost 5.5lbs in total which is an improvement on January and I’m happy with that.  In reality I thought it would be easy to lose 10lbs.  If I really stuck to plan the weight would fall off me but it didn’t.  Other than the peanut butter cup incident (every time I write that I can just taste them and its making me hungry!!!!) I did stick to plan. I had 2 weeks where I lost 3lbs, which is a really good weight loss, and yet getting that to be consistent and add up to 10lbs for the month proved elusive.  Its made me re-evaluate and think about setting more realistic goals so that they are more achievable.

I did manage to drink 2 litres of water a day.  I feel a difference in my energy levels doing this and other than an initial breakout in my skin, I feel it’s looking a lot clearer.

So its time to set March goals.  I have signed up to do the dechox for British Heart Foundation.  This requires me to give up chocolate for the whole of March.  ALL chocolate!  No chocolate bars, no chocolate cake, no chocolate biscuits, not even chocolate sprinkles on my cappuccino.  This will be an extremely hard task for me, I love chocolate.  But the British heart foundation is a cause close to my heart and I will stick to it.

I have decided to aim for a loss of 7lbs in March.  Obviously I’m secretly hoping to hit that 10lb mark especially with the loss of chocolate from my daily consumption, but 1/2 a stone is a respectable amount of weight to lose so I will be happy with that.  7lbs a month between now and July is 2 stone.  My youngest sister gets married at the end of July so it is potentially 2.5 stone and would take me just a stone away from target.  To motivate me I’ve been looking at some beautiful dresses as I’d love to look amazing and feel elegant and sophisticated when I see family I haven’t seen since my brothers wedding.  I was pregnant with Bella at the last big family affair and felt frumpy and uncomfortable on the day.

I am getting loads of exercise.  Mostly from being on the go all the time now I’m back at work.  I didn’t keep up with power hooping.  Mainly because I have been at work all day and Bella is still breastfeeding and needs to feed when I get home and the timing of the class has changed and is earlier.  I am planning on trying to exercise at home and there is a ballet barre  class that I would love to try but I need to fine tune evening routines to fit it all in.

I am so excited for March! Meal plans are written, goals are set and most importantly our little princess will be turning 1! I already feel so much fitter and healthier than I did this time last year so I will definitely be able to keep up with my little live wire, and that is ultimately my main goal.

Have a great week everyone. x






Wife and Mum of 4 beautiful children, 2 girls, 2 boys and a teenage stepson. Aiming to be healthy and happy so I can enjoy family life. This blog is about my slimming Journey.

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