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2017 so far……

2017 has not been an easy year.  I generally look for all the positives in a day but I remember being told once that for every negative that occurs it takes 5 positive occurrences to cancel it out.  The rest of 2017 is going to have to be spectacular to cancel out the last 9 months.

This year has been difficult because of bereavement’s. My father in law lost his difficult but short battle with cancer. We haven’t even reached the anniversary of his diagnoses yet that is how quickly everything happened.

The other bereavement is harder still. I am finding mourning a person who is physically still here but not the person you have known your whole life one of the hardest trials. I can go visit and sometimes I’m greeted with joy and a “hello Nik” and other times we have confused conversation that make no sense. Dementia is a truly awful disease that progresses like wildfire.

This brings me to my weight loss journey. 2017 was going to be my year to get to target! As it is I am exactly the same weight I was the last time I updated this blog.  I am trying my hardest to get back on track but I am an emotional eater, I eat my feelings and I’ve felt rubbish so I’ve ate rubbish.

This week I’ve tried really hard. I’ve stuck to plan, synned everything. Measured and weighed healthy extras and at weigh in I’d gained weight.  Today I’m feeling defeated but tomorrow is a new day and I will get to working on all those positives.

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Ultimate Goal!

The last time I blogged, it was about my February goals.  So, I wanted to come and give an update as to how I got on!  I didn’t get a loss every week like I hoped.  I only gained once though and it was 1lb.  I could blame star week, but the reality is that my eldest daughter had a dancing competition and I used it as an excuse to consume my weight in Reese’s peanut butter cups rather than eat proper, healthy and nutritious food. (I do love peanut butter cups though, they are my favourite).

I didn’t lose 10lbs either, I lost 5.5lbs in total which is an improvement on January and I’m happy with that.  In reality I thought it would be easy to lose 10lbs.  If I really stuck to plan the weight would fall off me but it didn’t.  Other than the peanut butter cup incident (every time I write that I can just taste them and its making me hungry!!!!) I did stick to plan. I had 2 weeks where I lost 3lbs, which is a really good weight loss, and yet getting that to be consistent and add up to 10lbs for the month proved elusive.  Its made me re-evaluate and think about setting more realistic goals so that they are more achievable.

I did manage to drink 2 litres of water a day.  I feel a difference in my energy levels doing this and other than an initial breakout in my skin, I feel it’s looking a lot clearer.

So its time to set March goals.  I have signed up to do the dechox for British Heart Foundation.  This requires me to give up chocolate for the whole of March.  ALL chocolate!  No chocolate bars, no chocolate cake, no chocolate biscuits, not even chocolate sprinkles on my cappuccino.  This will be an extremely hard task for me, I love chocolate.  But the British heart foundation is a cause close to my heart and I will stick to it.

I have decided to aim for a loss of 7lbs in March.  Obviously I’m secretly hoping to hit that 10lb mark especially with the loss of chocolate from my daily consumption, but 1/2 a stone is a respectable amount of weight to lose so I will be happy with that.  7lbs a month between now and July is 2 stone.  My youngest sister gets married at the end of July so it is potentially 2.5 stone and would take me just a stone away from target.  To motivate me I’ve been looking at some beautiful dresses as I’d love to look amazing and feel elegant and sophisticated when I see family I haven’t seen since my brothers wedding.  I was pregnant with Bella at the last big family affair and felt frumpy and uncomfortable on the day.

I am getting loads of exercise.  Mostly from being on the go all the time now I’m back at work.  I didn’t keep up with power hooping.  Mainly because I have been at work all day and Bella is still breastfeeding and needs to feed when I get home and the timing of the class has changed and is earlier.  I am planning on trying to exercise at home and there is a ballet barre  class that I would love to try but I need to fine tune evening routines to fit it all in.

I am so excited for March! Meal plans are written, goals are set and most importantly our little princess will be turning 1! I already feel so much fitter and healthier than I did this time last year so I will definitely be able to keep up with my little live wire, and that is ultimately my main goal.

Have a great week everyone. x




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2017-02-01-20-07-26Wednesday the 1st February was weigh day.  I lost the 1/2lb I put on the previous week,  Disappointing, but a loss is a loss!  In group, there wasn’t much discussion as it was taster week, but our consultant asked if anyone needed help and a few members mentioned feeling de-motivated.  I do take the view that a new month is a new chapter and as it was the 1st day of February I spoke about how I had set monthly goals.  I know some people like to break down their weight loss into smaller chunks so that it doesn’t feel like such a huge task, and whilst I have an ultimate weight loss target I have started setting monthly goals to help me along the way.

First on the list, lose 10lbs this month.  Over on Instagram, the slimming community have been posting 2017 calendars with how much weight they lost in January printed on the corresponding month.  I love this idea and some people have had some truly magnificent losses in the first month of this year.  I jumped on the band wagon and totalled up my January weight loss and worked out that in the past 4 weeks I have lost 2.5lbs.  This has really given me an incentive to get back on track.  February will have at least 10lbs printed on it.

To help with that weight loss goal, I am aiming to drink at least 2litres of water a day.  I don’t drink enough water despite knowing that being well hydrated boosts weight loss, improves cognitive function, improves digestion, gives you fresh glowing skin and is a naturel appetite suppressant. In line with that I am also trying to stop consuming fizzy drinks which I know causes bloating and isn’t as hydrating, as well as being packed full of additives and sweetener.  I have a serious fizzy drink addiction and I want to give it up.

In January, I also joined a power hoop class which I love.  Its an exercise class using weighted hula hoops.  The first week I went I thought “what am I doing here. I can’t hula hoop!” but I loved the yoga sections and core sections so I you tubed ‘how to hula hoop?’ and now I can do it! I’m so proud at the end of a class, I can keep the hula hoop going, I can’t do the accompanying routine whilst hula hooping but I can hula hoop and so I am going to continue going.  I am aiming to get my bronze body magic award at the end of February so I have started increasing my activity and logging it.

I also want to meal plan and prep as well as get my slow cooker out of the cupboard and put it to good use.  I am going back to work next week after a year off  and so organisation is going to be the key to getting a good work/ life balance and sticking to plan.  If dinner is planned and in the cooker ready for us all getting home, there will be no excuse to not have a healthy meal.  This has the added benefit of saving money too. I know from experience if I meal plan and only buy what we need we spend less.  Too often we decide last minute what we are going to eat and then have quick trip to asda for extra ingredients.  Plus, my boys are always starving after school and a meal ready sets them up for getting on with homework and being ready for football training without a melt down.

Has anyone else set any monthly goals for February? What about tips to keep you motivated?  I hope this blog is helpful to those looking for some inspiration.

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Balsamic pork and red onions

img_6979So today was weigh day! I gained 1/2lb which is upsetting but I’ve only myself to blame.  I can follow the slimming world plan 100% all day long and come the evening, I sabotage myself.  My downfall is chocolate.  Hand on heart, my meals are so healthy.  I love all vegetables and pile my plate high with ‘speed’ foods. I snack on free and speed foods and measure all my healthy extras and as soon as the kids go to bed and my husband and I sit down to watch our latest boxset, the craving for something sweet sets in.  I try to pre-empt it with chopped up fruit and fat free yoghurts but its chocolate I want!!!!  As soon as I cave I feel guilty and disappointed with myself and eat more because ” I’ve ruined it now so I might as well eat what I want”.  I’m also an ‘all or nothing’ kind of girl so if I’m not 100% on plan then I’m 100% off plan.  I need to learn new habits for the evenings, because the craving for chocolate is a learned behaviour and is just a habit.  Today, I have been 100% off plan.  Because it is Burn’s night and Haggis is high in syns, I adopted my “I’m going to be over my syns today, so I might as well take advantage of it” attitude and I’ve eaten what I want, which means I now feel miserable and disappointed in myself.  Portion control is an issue as well, I have tried saving my syns for chocolate in the evening, but as soon as I eat some I want more and over eat.  I really have to not eat it at all to stick to plan.  Does anyone else struggle with this?  How do you manage it? My plan this week is to hit the supermarket tomorrow and buy sugar free jelly.  Years ago (when I was a teenager) my aunt used to make up sugar free jelly when she was dieting to help with sweet cravings, so I’m going to try that.  I’m going to add loads of fruit to said jelly and top it with banana and custard flavour mullerlight and it will be like eating trifle, right???  Anyway, one of the on plan meals I made this week was Balsamic pork and red onions.  It was delicious and filling and I will definitely make it again.

Balsamic Pork and Red Onions

Lean pork fillet (all fat removed)

2 red onions sliced

100ml chicken stock


3-4 tbsp. balsamic vinegar

salt and pepper

4 large potatoes, peeled and chopped

savoy cabbage, shredded

1 egg

First put potatoes on to boil in seasoned water and do the same for the cabbage.

Make sure all the fat is trimmed from the pork fillet season, cut in half and place in a hot frying pan, sprayed with frylight.

Brown the meat all over then add the red onions to the plan.  Cook for a few minutes until the onions are starting to soften.

Add the chicken stock and balsamic vinegar to the pan and leave to reduce until the liquid is all syrupy.

Once the potatoes are softened, drain and add seasoning to taste and the egg and mash until smooth.

Drain the cabbage, divide the cabbage and potatoes between 2 plates.  Check the pork is cooked through and serve topped with the syrupy red onions.



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Slimming World

I follow slimming world.  I joined in May 2016 following the birth of Bella, my 4th and final baby.  To date I have lost 2 stone 7lbs, which is incredible but I feel like it is quite a slow process.  I am breastfeeding my daughter, which I thought would help speed up the process of becoming a slim yummy mummy tottering around in the latest fashion instead of dressing for slimming effect, but no, that is not how it works! Also, it was quite a delusional imagining, breastfeeding a baby requires practical dressing and quite a lot of layering to prevent overexposure in public!

This isn’t the 1st time I’ve followed slimming world.

I first joined in 2010 and successfully lost weight before putting it back on, then losing it and putting it back on again.  In the past 7 years I have yoyo’d up and down with my weight for various reasons.  I gained during pregnancies; whilst studying for my degree; misery eating following a miscarriage, I am an emotional eater, I eat my feelings despite knowing it wont make me feel better and I am so determined to stick to it this time round, not just till target but for life.  I want my children to have a good role model and slimming world is very family friendly so my children are getting healthy balanced meals (that they cover in ketchup!!! Mum problems!)

I have an Instagram account that I post pictures of my meals on, the trouble is I only post my slimming world meals on it and I don’t hold myself accountable when I am off plan and eating over my syn’s.  So I am going to blog about my journey weekly and be completely honest about how I’ve done and why I’ve eaten what I have, as well as posting recipes and meal plans to help keep me on track as well as anyone who is following this blog because they to are looking to be the healthiest version of themselves.

My weigh day is a Wednesday so I will blog on a Wednesday night without fail. Good luck to any fellow slimmers.